Outdoor Gear Reviews

My experience in the outdoors runs deep.  Come check out some of the gear I have reviewed and see if it may aid you in your future adventures.

Lems Boulder Boots

So I finally got some new kicks.  Lems Boulder Boots to be specific.  They are a great minimalist boot that offer just enough support, but without making it feel like you have a 2″x4″ st…
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ESEE Candiru Knife

In this review we are taking a look at the ESEE Candiru Knife.  Also in the video I have the good fortune of having one of my little helpers assisting me.  My son received the knife from me as not o…
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Liberty Bottleworks

There is a whole slew of water bottles out there on the market.  Today we take a look at some made by Liberty Bottleworks.  They are a good American company that handles their production in-house. …
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