Media Productions

I’m Ivan, and I want to welcome you to Kit Badger Media.  It is where I distill down your story and capture it in High Quality 4k Video.  Allowing you to grab peoples attention and be heard.  There are a ton of mediums out there but video has called to me.  I bring years of experience to the table in both filming and editing.

What can a video do for you and your business?

  • Convey all your important information in a concise package.
  • Entertain people while telling them your story.
  • Give people a call to action.   …click, call, follow us at…
  • Use the video to create adds or engage people on your Website – Social Media – YouTube

So how does the process work?

  • You tell me what you would like people to know
  • I help storyboard and layout the best way to visually depict your message
  • I show up at a scheduled time and film (on or offsite) all the video
  • We then sit down and I capture audio (your narration)
  • In 1 week I bring you a completed video for your approval
  • If changes are needed, I make them and present you with a polished video
  • You use the video in marketing campaigns, embed it in your website, share on social media platforms…

– 60 Seconds –

A 60 Second Video Package includes:

  • Our conversations over the phone and email, outlining the information you want conveyed and your vision
  • 2 hours of capturing video and audio (On or Off-Site)
  • 1 week turnaround on the 1st Edit
  • 2 follow up edits within a week of the 1st Edit for any corrections
  • The Final Video in 4K Resolution
  • A cheat sheet on all the creative ways to use your video, including Tips for YouTube

Questions?  Please feel free to call me at 805-900-7223 or

Here is some of my Work